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Bale from French Trade bucket for fur trade

Received From:
Peoria Public Library


Condition Notes:
Very corroded


Additional Information:
This artifact is listed with the other artifacts which came from the Peoria Public Library in 1935. However, the tag with the item stated that the artifact was first discovered by Ernest East and Dallas Sweeney at the site of the Old French Village in Peoria at the foot of Caroline Street. it was given to the Peoria Scientific Association and was stored in the Commercial Bank from 1935 to 1954. Bales of this type were made in France for the fur trade between 1600 and 1750. WHen the English took Control of t Canada after 1760, the Canadian merchants and traders copied the trade buckets, and they were sold and used into the 19th century. An article was published in the Museum of the Fur Trade Quarterly prior to 2002.

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