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Scrap Paper from Tucker Family Business Account Book 1926-9

Various pieces of scrap paper (9), ranging in size, color, and medium. All taken from Tucker Family Business Account Book 1926-9. i) Scratch paper with notes on where the cattle were, some calculations, and prices. Bottom is on Cora Triggers, figures, and totals. Back of sheet has figures and calculations on livestock. Written on a letter from Peoria County Farm Bureau to G.W. Tucker of Edwards, IL. The letter is asking for his Farm Bureau dues ($15.00) to be turned in by January 2, 1927, drawn on State Trust & Savings Co. Letter signed by Peoria County Farm Bureau Secretary Chas. Gordon. Found between cover page and page 1. ii) Account book entries written on scrap paper. Dated Dec. 30, 1927. Notes are largely over cattle and the fields they are in. Written on the back of a letter from State Trust & Savings Bank of Peoria. Letter is addressed "To Our Stockholders" and notifies them that the Annual Meeting of the Stockholders will be held January 11, 1927 at 2:00pm in room 7, Association of Commerce Building. Found between cover page and page 1. iii) Scratch work for 1927 corn fields on the back of a typed sheet of paper. Type is about the "...over-production in the oil industry and the rapid development of new wells..." Fraction of a larger article (cut). Found between cover page and page one. iv) Calculations on the back of a letter from State Farm Mutual Auto Ins. Co. out of Bloomington, IL. Addressed to "Patron". It states that it is a duplicate notice of semi-annual premium call. Top portion of the letter. The bottom half is missing. Found between cover page and page 1. v) Notes for account book entry on scratch of yellow paper. The dates range from February 29-March 6, 1928. Notes are over sows. Front of paper is a printed letter to Mr. G(eorge Tucker?) of Edwar(ds, IL?). Letter is missing. Only top left corner remains. Office locations, directors, and one salesmen can still be discerned. Found between cover page and page 1. vi) Scratch notes on a sow bred to a Hampshire boar. Dating February 24, 1929-March1, 1929. Written on the back of the top right corner of a typed letter from ? Doherty & Company of Chicago. The rest of the letter is missing. Found between cover page and page 1. vii) Notes dating January 6-21, 1928. Concerns corn crops and loads bought (of what unknown). Reverse has some figures calculated on it. It has been folded toward the bottom of the sheet. Found between the cover page and page 1. viii) Yellow scratch paper dated December 10, 1929-January 30, 1930. Notes concern cattle (calves, cows, placement, etc.). Written on the bottom portion of a letter from the manager of the Peoria Producers Commission Association (H.R. Hembrough). Remainder of letter missing. Portion of letter thanks recipient for their patronage and assures them that excellent service will continue to be a top priority of the company for the patrons continued support. Found between end page and back cover. ix) Scratch calculations on cattle (cows and calves). Totals on the right. Written (in pencil) on the back of a sheet from the North American Accident Insurance Co. based out of Chicago. Addressed to Gentlemen. States, "Here are the names of five persons who should have your $10.00 appreciation Accident and Sickness Policy:" with lines for five people. Sender must provide name, address, and age of five nominees. Bottom has a line for "Recommender's" name and address. Found between end page and back cover.

Received From:
Galva Historical Society


Condition Notes:
Some staning Pencil smears Many pages have been torn into fractions of the original Yellowing Folding of many (weaker at fold) Holes in some (partially caused by stapling) Bent corners on some Some ink stains

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